ACA Conference 2016

ACA 2016: ‘Futur Proche’: Archives & Innovation
June 2-4, 2016 Montreal, Quebec

“Archival records are the product of technologies. From paper to magnetic tape to ‘the cloud’; from quill and ink to typewriters to text messages, technological innovations influence the way people create, receive and store documents. The 2016 ACA Conference will examine the innovations that impact the creation, use, and preservation of archival records, past, present, and into the future.

By focusing on innovation, the conference will explore how archivists are responding to the needs and pressures of a technologically-driven society and how we are reacting to the demands of the “near future.” The conference will look at how archivists can contribute to a fast-paced forward-looking culture, where creators and users are employing innovative practices to create, preserve, and use archival documents in new and exciting ways. Sessions will examine how challenges can become opportunities when met with innovative theory and practice.” (more info)

The call for submission and the call for workshops are now closed, BUT the call for submissions for Student Papers and Posters is open until January 12, 2016.

For tips and pointers on how to prepare proposals and a general overview of the conference program development process, click here.


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