Internship Spotlight #2

Jessica Nichol highlights her time spent working at LAC in our second spotlight on University of Manitoba Archival Studies internships internships. Enjoy!

I have procrastinated writing this blog post for months because how can one paragraph ever describe an entire summer internship at Library and Archives Canada?! Little moments like finding a birchbark letter dating back to the 1700s will be neglected, alongside the minute details of larger projects. I was officially employed in the Aboriginal and Social Affairs section, which was as incredible of an opportunity as it sounds. I was able to work on projects like drafting a LGBT acquisition strategy, audiovisual processing of the Frontier College fonds, an intellectual arrangement project for the Physical and Health Canada fonds, accessioning government records and beginning to develop a new disposition authority. As a co-op student at LAC, I had other fringe benefits like general training opportunities, the tours arranged for us throughout the National Capital Region, and of course meeting mentors and other archival nerds outside of the University of Manitoba.

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