Internship Spotlight: Mary-Grace Golfo, UofM Archives and Special Collections

Inaugurating our four-part spotlight series on UofM Archival studies internships, Mary Grace Golfo here sheds some light on her experinces at UMASC last summer. Thanks, Mary Grace!

“The internship program is a very good opportunity for archival students to have a clear grasp of the archives and the archivist’s duties and responsibilities. The lessons on theories, principles and discussions on different archival practices are put to use and are tested as the students are submerged to the real world of the archives.

This is how I perceive my internship at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections (UMA&SC). I was very fortunate to be able to do the internship under the supervision of Dr. Shelley Sweeney and Brian Hubner. The UMA&SC has become my learning arena from May 20 to August 30. It has exposed me to the different duties that an archivist, working in an academic archives, has to be able to do and the roles one has to take in order to respond to the perceived expectations of the researchers, the university and the top management that the archives serves, as well as the donors and other stakeholders of the archives. UMA&SC has also become a venue for certain opportunities and experiences which strengthened my desire to learn more and be able to do more. I will always be grateful to UMA&SC and U of M for this experience.”



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