What You Should Know to Land Your Dream Job

If you missed, February’s monthly spotlight feature by Nicole Courrier – here it is again (you’re welcome)!

As many of us finish our thesis, begin to apply for or have recently completed our internships the inevitability of applying for jobs looms. Compiling CV’s and writing cover letters in preparation for interviews can be an overwhelming process. University of Manitoba’s Archives & Special Collections Head Archivist Shelley Sweeney has compiled tips for job candidates based on years of hiring archivists.

Dos Donts Hiring 2012 1 of 2This list is being used with permission from Shelley Sweeney.

This list is being used with permission from Shelley Sweeney.

A google search on the hiring process contains a wealth of information on the subject. However, a few common themes to help the student archivist obtain that (dream!) job are listed below:

1)      Research the organization/institution in which you are applying. Not only will this help your cover letter stand out, but you can tailor your CV accordingly. In taking time to do some background research during the interview you can relate your own strengthens and interests to the organization/institution.

2)      You’ve finished your CV and cover letter… now have someone look over it. A strong presentation free from errors will secure you an interview.

Here are a few links to help you find some examples of CV’s and cover letters:

Don’t forget! The University of Manitoba Career Services provides a range of information and additional links on the U of M website.

You can check archival job postings by visiting the ACA website 


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