ACA 2014 Victoria Student Session

The Call for Student Papers has been released! Students interested in giving a paper at the ACA Conference in Victoria this year should make their submissions by January 10, 2014. Many of our students have participated in the Conference’s Student Session in the past. Erin Acland presented this year in Winnipeg and last year Mary Horodyski “In Search of Archival Gold” went all the way to the Yukon. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Archivatopia” but as the Call for Student Papers explains, papers on other archival topics will be considered. It’s usually wise, however, to tailor a proposal and paper to address the Conference theme. It might give your paper the edge it needs to stand out.

With the Conference being held in Winnipeg back in June, many of us (including me!) had our first ACA Conference experience. In addition to the thrill of spotting archival celebrities, the experience of listening to other archivists and speaking to like-minded people created an enhanced sense of pride for our noble profession. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and talk about archives with people who won’t ask you ‘what’s an archive?’


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